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Promotional print is a great opportunity to produce exciting and eye-catching material for your target audience. Perhaps you’re a restaurant or café owner looking to produce a menu or wine list, or a marketing manager who wishes to produce branded boxes to contain sweets or promotional gifts? There are many formats and ways to achieve this and we’re happy to share them with you!
Menus and wine lists can be as simple as a sheet of card printed and laminated or they can be more eye-catching such as table tent cards, table talkers or even cardboard cubes.
Why not produce personalised wine and bottle sleeves? How about branded pillow packs to contain sweets or soap? We also provide personalised golf and mug boxes, which can be used for any alternative use you can imagine while advertising your product. But that’s just our suggestions, why not put your creative head on and look at how these products can be used to promote and sell your business?
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