Branded Packaging – Pillow Packs printed and manufactured to your specification

Pillow Packs – Printed and manufactured to your specification. 

The examples below show 2 different sized pillow packs used for housing exclusive jewellery. Printed in four colours on to a good quality 450 micron one sided folding box board which has an excellent print surface and offers great protection to the enclosed items due to the strong and rigid nature of the board. These pillow packs are tailored and manufactured to your specification. Designed to lay flat which helps keep storage space to a minimum, these can be erected and ready to use in seconds.

Pillow packs like these 2 examples can actually be used for many different purposes and are an excellent and creative way to advertise and promote your brand and business in a true professional fashion.

Pillow Pack 2


Pillow Pack 1


Pillow Pack 3


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